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“I started my journey 6 years ago when I opened a letting agency with no experience, after mistakes and losses I decided to diverse into structuring deals, sourcing and restructuring rentals.

 Whilst studying ACCA to be an Accountant I realized I like the application of numbers, but property was my passion. I therefore decided to use my transferable skills to become a specialist finance broker for property investors. I now help investors buy efficiently, recycle their cash and structure weird and wonderful deals that the high street banks and some tier 2 lenders will not even touch.

As a property investor I specialize in Buy refurb and refinance, mainly HMO’s in Article 4 areas, but also single lets. My JV partners and I have a record of doing this to recycle all the money out of the deal. The deal everyone wants to hear about is the 550k valuation, 365k purchase price HMO deal where we paid NOTHING for the property, for 12 units. We then, 3 months later, refinanced that same property to pull out 85k of the equity.

This is “No money down, all money out”.

See you there.”



“After graduating from University in the summer of 2016, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I was sure of one thing and that was that I did not want to get a job!

Not getting a job meant I needed a way to create some income to cover living expenses and very quickly worked out serviced accommodation was the strategy that was going to get me there.

A couple of months later, I started educating myself on the strategy and began taking on apartments on a rent-to-SA basis.

Since then, I have taken part in over 40 serviced accommodation deals, which includes deals packaged, R2SA & management deals, across five different locations, funding the entire business using other peoples money and running everything using an iPhone and an internet connection.

My SA business led me to win ‘Progressive Property VIP Outstanding Achievement 2017’ award and I will be sharing with you how you can do the same by starting your own serviced accommodation business with very little money and using tools to automate the business to generate high cash flow whilst minimising the amount of time required.”

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