About the Founder

Emma Hawkes, 43. Mum of 2. Stubborn, Totally Driven, Passionate beyond belief, loves money and the financial freedom it gives to enjoy life to the max!

Emma Hawkes

Emma Hawkes



I was raised with no money in a council house  – actually lived in a bus so I’m told until I was 1 with all the family a dog and a piano!!

I left home when I was 16 and started fending for myself, worked multiple jobs, long hours, always struggled.

Somerset-born, moved to Derby. I progressed up the sales ladder to working as Southern Sales Manager for Construction Company (MSW UK Ltd) selling structural floor systems for building Canary Wharf towers, supermarkets, shopping centres and small builds with steel floor decking, concrete and reinforcement or DramixTM (Total revolutionary pre reinforced concrete product which was brand new at the time!! – like concrete with hair clips in already!!!

I had no money and bad credit but wanted to buy a house, my partner was useless and not at all driven and told me I’d never get a house!

…So I did! Ha! 

Managed to get 100% finance (mortgage + short term finance for the gap) on £43,000 ex council house (3 bed) that was a complete dump!

Bought it, did it up, tiled the bathroom myself , had new kitchen put in, sanded all the wood floors and varnished, gutted the garden put patio in, new fence, bathroom, decorating throughout, around my full-time job, baby and useless au pair from Slovakia that I was also teaching to drive on the correct side of the road!! then remortgaged a second time to release equity for a second house in Derby by the canal in Willington on a corner plot which I then moved into with my daughter (no partner) and let the first house out.

Moved back to Somerset to be closer to home for ‘support’!? (hmm, that’s another story!) Let the Willington House out and bought a house in Somerset (Taunton).

Life took over, health, kids,  relationships i changed what i was doing and worked in a completely different industry for the last 12 years.
I’ve always kept reading books like ‘multiple streams’, making money with no money, No money down deals and so on.
A few years ago i met a lovely man called Max who realized i had an interest in property and business and invited me to his property group. We have regular meetings over dinner, investors, some very wealthy, some just starting, people who’ve bought businesses for £1, some doing HMO, serviced accommodation, some conversions, planning experts, builders, joint ventures, no money down deals and more.

Along the way and over the last 30 years have met some fantastic contacts ‘doing it’ in the property and business worlds that I’ve learnt from and can call my friend s thankfully.

I forgot to mention my inspirational older brother living in Tunbridge Wells who is a successful property investor buying, getting planning and reselling to developers doing extremely well.

Mad about property investing, business, money, technology, innovative products and services, holidays travel and food!! (Oh and my kids!)
Dream??? Desert Island with the complete financial freedom to do as i choose and support those i love. If you have a similar dream, stick around! Come to our events and learn how you could increase your income with property!)